Sex and Back Pain – Chapter 3: Post-Surgery Sex – Pain Essays Sex following back surgery may be limited until the pain improves. Consult a spine specialist like Dr. Gary Kraus at the KBNI for post-surgery sex recommendations.

Pain Library: Sex and Back Pain

Chapter 3 - Post-Surgery Sex

After surgery on the lumbar spine, you may be in pain for a number of days or weeks, depending upon the nature of the operation. Refrain from sex until the pain improves. Even then, use moderation and good judgment. Ask your doctor about what you can and can't do. The first few weeks of recovery from a back operation are often the most important, in shaping the eventual surgical outcome.

Emphasizing the non physical aspects of the relationship can take away much of the emotional and physical stress of sex. Be open with your partner about your back pain and how it affects intimacy, and don’t push your body beyond its limits. Doing so, is likely to aggravate the problem and frustrate you and your partner further.


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